ZNBC ‘Gold digger’ Mary Magambo’s ex-lover apologizes after exposing her crookedness

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AfteMary Magambor a thrilling exposure made through his face book account about how disappointed he was after being dumped by Mary Magambo on account of insufficient funds, soccer player Lottie Phiri has made a turn and made an apology using the same platform. In yesterday’s post, Phiri characterized Magambo as a money monger who is always on the lookout for men with money and that the good looking ZNBC staff has a tendency of maintaining multiple sexual partners ranging from business executives, politicians and soccer players with lucrative incomes. Phiri initially lamented that he had been used and offloaded by Magambo after the termination of his lucrative soccer contract in South Africa and that the broadcaster was no longer interested in him because his financial fortunes have since evaporated. However, in an apologetic twist, Phiri has said that he would like to apologize to Mary Magambo and nation for his statement which he claims was caused by uncontrolled temper and that his statement is equally retracted. He has further added that Mary Magambo is free to live her life and also asked friends and relatives to forgive him for the initial statement