Notorious and crooked Lawyer Sakwiba Sikota linked to Linyungandambo funding

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sakwiba familyLusaka based lawyer Sakwiba Sikota has been mentioned as one of the key prominent Lozis funding the Barotse Freedom Movement and the Linyungandambo in Western province,

The two organizations are calling for secession of Western province from the rest of Zambia to create a separate country to be called ‘Barotseland’.

A good number of prominent Lozis are secretly financing the separatists’ movements and often hold clandestine meetings at night in Lusaka.

But in the past few months, Sakwiba Sikota,SC, has become the main focal person, according to sources in Mongu.

Sakwiba Sikota works very closely with former Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Bank of Zambia (BOZ) Dr. Kasuka Mutukwa in supporting Linyungandambo.

‘It is Dr Mutukwa who meets the Linyungandabo on behalf of Sakwiba Sikota since Saki is a public figure and people can easily recognize him’, said a senior member of the Linyungandambo.

Sakwiba has become one of the richest lawyers in Zambia owing to his representing former president Rupiah Banda, Kasama MP Geoffrey Mwamba, Greek businessmen Odysseas Mandenakis who own Radisson Blue hotel as well as some Italian businessmen.

But Sakwiba Sikota has vowed to use the money he is acquiring from these people to fight for separation of Barotseland.

Linyungandambo officials says Sakwiba Sikota is actually one of the lawyers who recently coordinated lawyers from Europe to try and force president Michael Sata to sign an arbitration or be summoned to the Hague for arbitration proceedings.

The lawyers from Europe, with Sakwiba Sikota’s counsel gave president Sata up to May 28th, 2014 to sign the Permanent Court of Arbitration documents but the Zambian government just ignored it.

Sakwiba Sikota and lawyers from Europe are now preparing to commence international arbitration proceedings at the Hague on behalf of Linyungandambo.

Sikota will of course play a background law at pretend to be on the side of Zambia so that he continues making money from Zambian clients.