We stopped taking Kambwili serious because his statements are useless and unco-ordinated-NGOCC

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kambwiliNon-Governmental Organization Coordinating Council NGOCC Executive Director Engwase Mwale has advised Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili to stop making wild statements on the constitution making process.

And Ms. Mwale has charged that her organization has stopped taking the Sports Minister seriously because his statements are very uncoordinated and in most cases lack merit.

Speaking in an interview Ms Mwale said Mr. Kambwili should be well versed with tenets of a democratic society and that the Minister should not be making wild statements which are not in tandem with what is obtaining in the country.

She said it is unfortunate and disappointing that a person who should be part of a group of individuals entrusted to run the affairs of the country can be making such suggestions over a very important document which the government should be in-charge of.

“We strongly believe that the Minister is clearly out of step and we are requesting to the executive to take charge of the constitution making process and ensure that they provide the direction as well as the road map.

Seriously as NGOs in the country we do not take Honorable Kambwili seriously any more because his statements are very uncoordinated and I think it will be very hopeful for this country if the Minister can take time to ensure that he is in tandem with what is happening also that he is tandem with appreciating the governance and democratic tenets of this country,” said Ms. Mwale