Senior members of the UPND term HH’s new strange behaviour as DEVILISH

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hakadancerSome senior members of the UPND have expressed disgust at the new behavior  of the UPND leader Mr Hakainde Hichilema in what they term devilish conduct.

” Just from the time the media started peddling stories of alleged president Sata’s illness, HH has even changed his tone , It seems it’s all merry for him, he has started behaving as though he is already the Head of state, everyone at the secretariat has been ordered to be in fast gear, because according to him, a presidential by-election is eminent ,you will also remember that there was an incident were alert PF Youths in Munali apprehended a UPND Youth who was distributing flyers with the message that President Michael Sata had died and people must prepare for a by-election, all this is emanating from president HH and not what was earlier reported accusing professor Luo of having sponsored the said PF youths to disrupt a UPND indoor meeting, the fracas had everything to do with the Flyers and that is what angered the PF youths” said the source.

The Senior UPND member further added that , many people in the UPND hierarchy including Cornelius Mweetwa ,Canisius Banda etc  are not so happy with the conduct of HH, they have argued that even in the event that President Sata was not well, that should not serve as a source of happiness.

”We are political competitors and not devils to wish the death of the Head of state so as to take over, if we are to from Government ,it should be as result of our good policies,” said the source.