Mahtani takes action against defamatory stories on Zambia Reports

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docFinance Bank chairman, Rajan Mahtani has finally instructed his lawyers to take action against the defamatory stories that have become daily content on the Zambia Reports publication. The publication which is allegedly under the editorial guardianship of former state house press aide, Dickson Jere, Lusaka resident Brebner Changala and Sakwiba Sikota has maliciously undertaken a campaign to tarnish the image of Dr. Mahtani. It is largely held that the trio managing the Zambia Reports website works in close collaboration and enjoys financing from some disgruntled corporate criminals namely the Ventriglia family and the likes of Mohammed Salama who wanted to use crooked methods in their business dealings with Mahtani but failed to do so. The disgruntled elements are strongly believed to be pumping money towards the operation of the website which was primarily set up to settle scores that the alleged business criminals cannot legitimately bring before the courts of law and have justice dispensed. CHECK OUR FACE BOOK PAGE FOR ALL THE SCANNED COPIES OF LETTERS THAT HAVE BEEN WRITTEN TO ZAMBIA REPORTS BY MAHTANI’S LAWYERS.