Those who are saying Sata is sick are campaigning for a tribal minority in the south of the country, Scott tells BBC

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ba scottAkwesi: …Where is the President of Zambia

Scott: He is in Tel Aviv on a working holiday that is all I know that concerns anybody.

Akwesi: His presence in Tel Aviv is nothing to do with medical attention for cancer as is being speculated or suggested in Zambia?

Scott: No, I have heard and it would be very unreasonable and suddenly I know nothing about it, the people who are ridiculously speculating are more informed than me I think that it is extremely unlikely.

Akwesi: Would you know if the President has got cancer?

Scott: I would know if he had but I doubt if he has as far as I am concerned.

Akwesi: Is he unwell outside of cancer?

Scott: You are asking me that question I am not a Doctor, I am not married to him, I don’t live with him, I have no system to know he lives how long or forever.

Akwesi: Do you understand however the concern of the Zambian public? Do you appreciate where these concerns have been coming from?

Scott: I think the generation of the rumours is malicious. I know the people are always concerned and I am hardly responsible for the people who spread rumours on the basis of nothing, on the basis of what they wish were the case.

Akwesi: So it is an issue of public concern?

Scott: Of course it is a matter of public concern if there was a concern there of course everything is an issue of public concern, the rainfall surely we can’t predict the rain whether it’s normal or never.

Akwesi: Why do people say or begin to believe that the president is dying of cancer?

Scott: They are campaigning for the opposition, for a tribal minority in the South of the country and want to take over and won’t actually they were in a coalition with us and thought they were bigger and now they are in opposition and certainly they are campaigning so that they can win the next election.

Akwesi: When are you expecting the president back in Zambia?

Scott: He will be back in two weeks, or a couple of days, for as long as it takes.

Akwesi: So for as long as it takes meaning, two weeks, a month, six months, a year?

Scott: No please don’t be so patronizing for as long as it takes for him to have a break until he has had his break and carry on his work.