Why crooks and Windhoek lager beer boys like Mbita Chitala, Mulongoti are fighting Kabimba, truth be told!

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mikeZIN has learnt and can reveal that Mbita Chitala is a bitter man who will stop at nothing to fight Wynter Kabimba.

A very credible source has told us that Chitala is bitter with Wynter Kabimba firstly because Wynter opposed his appointment to the PF central committee together with that of Mike Mulongoti after the two were thrown out of MMD.

To date Kabimba is said to hold the view that Chitala is a traitor and here is the reason:

Kabimba and Chitala, who at the time was known as Derrick Chitala, were leaders in the Zambia Democratic Congress (Zadeco), whose President was the late Dean Mung’omba.

When it became convenient for him, Mbita Chitala went to then President Frederick Chiluba and lied that Mung’omba was involved in a plot to overthrow Chiluba from government.

This resulted in the arrest and cruel detention of Dean Mung’omba. In prison, Dean contracted tuberculosis and Chiluba used to send Mbita Chitala to check on Dean everyday just to ensure his health continued to decline.

During this time, Kabimba provided legal defence for Mung’omba, always visited him in prison and issued alerts to the international and local community on the violations against Mung’omba’s rights in prison and announced in a BBC interview that Mung’omba had contracted tuberculosis.

When Mung’omba got out of prison Chitala never even visited his ailing friend but surprisingly Chitala’s gun was used by criminals who attempted to kill Mung’omba’s wife.

Eventually as a result of his imprisonment, Mung’omba died. Mbita Chitala changed his name from Derrick Chitala in an attempt to run away from the ghosts that have been haunting him due to the blood on his hands.

No president has ever trusted Mbita Chitala ever since. That’s why he has never been a full minister even under Chiluba. He is untrustworthy.

When Levy became president he distanced himself from Chitala and only appointed him as ambassador to Libya and later fired him. When Rupiah Banda became president he was fully aware of Mbita Chitala’s crimes and teased the man for “suffering” when Chitala went to plead for a job.

In fact Rupiah issued instructions that Chitala be thrown out of the party. That’s how Chitala found himself in PF. Not out of principle. Unfortunately in PF he found someone who knows him too well: WYNTER KABIMBA.

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