Stop the nonsense: the President is entitled to take leave and rest when he feels like, says Nawakwi

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FDD-leader-Edith-NawakwiForum for Democracy and Development (FDD) president Edith Nawakwi has taken a swipe at politicians trying to make political capital out of the debate on President Michael Sata’s health.

Ms Nawakwi said that it was strange and “unAfrican” for any politician to try to politicize the President’s health.

Ms. Nawakwi has told Qfm News in a telephone interview that she that she found the debate on the president’s health as the most disturbing.

She stated that it was normal for anybody to take leave when one has had a strenuous work schedule such as the one the President has.

Ms Nawakwi added that it is a statutory entitlement for the head of State to take leave in any way he is comfortable with.

She said that it was becoming a matter of concern to see some politicians using the debate on the President’s wellbeing to gain political mileage.

The FDD leader has since cautioned fellow politicians to avoid digging holes for each other or risk falling in the same hole they are digging.

Ms. Nawakwi said that the political club is very small hence the need for politicians to wish each other well and good health.

She has further encouraged Zambians to continue praying for the good health of President Sata and for the almighty God to give him strength.