Instead of asking for Increased constituency development fund, Opposition MPs Want their salaries to be increased

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jmOPPOSITION members of parliament are demanding an increase in their emoluments expressing fears of destitution after leaving the national Assembly.

MMD Mafinga member of parliament (MP) Catherine Namugala has said Parliamentarians need increased allowances as well as a retirement package.

Ms Namugala was contributing to debate on a notice of motion on the report of Parliamentary reforms and modernisation Committee on Wednesday evening, which was unanimously adopted.

” MPs want more money, we deserve more money. We demand our salaries are increased so that our gratuity goes up. The members of the public need to know that we are poorly paid and we can’t live as impoverished leaders.

“why should we work after five years and become impoverished?
And we demand that a pension is introduced. Some of our predecessors are impoverished and we don’t want to end up like that.What we want is that the welfare of MPs should be looked at,” Ms Namugala said.

UPND Monze Central MP Jack Mwiimbu lamented that in his 12- years as a parliamentarian, the House had on different occasions discussed the welfare of MPs but without tangible achievement.
Mr Mwiimbu accused Cabinet of failing to tackle issues regarding the welfare of MPs.

Mr Mwimbu said Parliament’s committee system was the weakest in the region detailing that its vital role as an oversight institution on the operations of Government ministers was being overlooked.

He recommended that sitting allowances for MPs should not be received but be part of the gratuity package.

” The sitting allowances should be part of our gratuity that way the salary will go up. MPs are wallowing in poverty because of poor emoluments,” he said.