I qualify to act as President, parantage clause misunderstood by many people says Guy Scott

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original_VEEP1-300x300Vice President Guy Scott has said that he duly qualifies to act as President in the absence of the Head of State.

Speaking today during the 30-minute Vice President’s question time in parliament today, Dr Scott clarified that he duly qualifies to act as President in the absence of the Head of State and that the parentage clause has been misunderstood by the Zambian people.

He said ‘brains in the judiciary” including lawyers and the Law Association of Zambia are aware of this development.

And Government says it has guidelines and structures for honouring statesman and women, including freedom fighters.

Vice President, Guy Scott, says government has structures available for national leaders.

Dr Scott, who is also PF Lusaka Central Member of Parliament (MP), says it is the consideration of the Head of State to honour a statesman or woman or freedom fighter to be given a medal or to be named after a public institution.

The Vice President was responding to a bonus question raised by MMD Mwandi MP, Michael Kaingu, who wondered why some statesmen and women, including freedom fighters in Zambia, were allegedly not being honoured or recognised by the State for their immense contributions rendered to the government.

This was during a ministerial statement issued yesterday in parliament on the preparation for the golden jubilee independence anniversary. The jubilee theme is dubbed, “Commemorating God’s Favour of Zambia’s 50 years of independence for continued peace, unity, democracy and prosperity.”

Dr Scott singled out educationist and veteran freedom fighter, Mutumba Bull, who was recently awarded by President Michael Sata with the order of distinguished service first division, together with late Prison Service Chief, Gibby, Nawa posthumously.

He was quick to say that some veteran politicians have benefited awards before from former Presidents to the current Head of State, translating to being awarded more than once.

President Sata has named K107 million Robert Makasa University in Chinsali district in Muchinga Province after veteran freedom fighter, Robert Kapasa Makasa.

The Mwandi law-maker, who clarified his question through a point of order, argued that giving medals to statesmen and women, including freedom fighters, was allegedly not enough when others were being named after public institutions like universities, schools and hospitals.

Dr Kaingu caused laughter in the House when he said people did not recognise renowned Zambian, Paul Mushindo, who the Head of State has named Paul Mushindo University in Lubwa Mission in Samfya district in Luapula Province that is currently under construction.

And in guiding the House, National Assembly Speaker, Patrick Matibini, ruled that leader of the House, Vice President Guy Scott, was in order in his response to the point of order raised by Mwandi MP, Dr Kaingu.

“There are structures put in place especially in awarding national leaders. Therefore, His Honour, the Vice President Dr Scott, was not out of order in his response to the point of order raised by Dr Kaingu,” the Speaker said.

Meanwhile, MMD Chadiza MP, Allan Mbewe and his Mafinga counterpart, Catherine Namugala, were angered when the Vice President allegedly refused to disclose how much money the 50th Jubilee Anniversary would cost.

But Dr Scott said no country in the world can fail to celebrate its own jubilee.

Dr Scott counselled the parliamentarians and said the total amount of the commemorations was not important but to focus on putting energies on celebrating the peace Zambia has continued to enjoy since attaining her independence in 1964.