Father Bwalya reacts after beating of a Catholic nun by a teacher

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ffbThe opposition Alliance for a Better Zambia (ABZ) has advised the leaders of congregations of Catholic nuns in Zambia to immediately put in place measures to protect their members from violent members of society and other social misfits.

The ABZ’s call follows the recent ‘barbaric behaviour of a named teacher at Roma Girls Secondary School in Lusaka who savagely beat up a Catholic nun who is head teacher of the same school.

ABZ Leader Father Frank Bwalya has told QFM News in a telephone interview that the violent behaviour of the teacher should be strongly condemned by all peace loving Zambians.

Father Bwalya says the barbaric behaviour has no place in the civilized society.

He has called for the immediate arrest of the teacher and justice on behalf of the innocent Catholic nun whose beating represents notorious gender based violence.

He adds that it is very shameful and disheartening for a school teacher who should teach pupils civilized ways of solving differences to resort to violence over an issue that could easily be settled through dialogue.

Father Bwalya says his party is very disappointed with the violent school teacher whose behaviour has potential to tarnish the image of the teaching fraternity in our country.

He has since advised the leadership of the Catholic nuns to ensure that they come up with measures that will see to it that nuns in the country are protected from any form of violence.