Hakainde Hichilema bruised by Costa Mwansa during assignment programme

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costahh bwanaMuvi television’s assignment programme presenter Costa Mwansa yester night took turns to expose Hakainde Hichilema’s inadequacies when the UPND leader appeared on the celebrated programme at 19:15 Zambian time. During the programme which lasted close to two hours, Mwansa who was in a no compromising state and gave Hakainde the taste of objective reflection which is clearly remote from the Southern Province dominant party. The assignment presenter threw a number of tough questions in Hakainde’s way and the UPND leader was practically out of sorts and in most instances either giving half baked responses or just completely unconvincing in his responses. Among the key questions thrown in Hakainde’s way included the one on the UPND’s steps to exterminating the tribal tag which has continued to be synonymous with the party and Hakainde was nowhere close to giving a categorical response to the tribal question and only went on to rant about issues like the appointment of Cannissius Banda to the VEEP portfolio of the party. When pressed further to address the question of the party’s tribal tag in within the context of the past electoral results which have shown that the UPND remains a Southern Province party, the UPND leader was clearly turning red with emotions and the best he could do was frog jump to a thread of baseless accusations in relation to the ruling party. Among other key issues the programme presenter pressed Hakainde Hichilema to give an account of why he has remained at the helm of the UPND even in the wake of having lost in three elections and the absence of a party convention to get a fresh mandate. Hakainde was again clearly at sea and failed to give a clear account of why he has remained UPND presidential candidate even after losing in three elections and coming a distant third in all of them particularly. When pushed further, all that Hakainde could do was turn into some mumbling and opted to talk about the President of Zambia. On the issue of constitution making, the UPND leader was, among others, categorically asked to explain how his party would handle the process if elected in 2016 and Hakainde’s response was embarrassingly shallow. The UPND president blatantly failed by categorically state his party’s road map on constitution making and all he could do again was rant about how the ruling party had failed to deliver. As if to test Hakainde’s claimed economic management skills, Mwansa did make sure that the discussion with the UPND leader also included the state of the nation’s economy in relation to what would be the UPND approach to issues. At this stage Hakainde Hichilema went into some form of mashabe and went into his usual economic jargons and figures and turned out to bore a alot of viewers. When asked what he would do differently about the local currency, HH went on to rant about the obvious things such as the need to have a strong economy and the placement of monetary interventions…;Ooopss, at this stage Hakainde must have forgotten that even the current government has placed interventions and is clearly acting to grow the economy…May be there has just been too much exaggeration about HH’s prowess in economic management after all.. The Zambian Intelligence News has also sampled some views from the viewers of the programme regarding HH’s performance and they are as follows:
1. If and when UPND comes to power it is more likely they will spend 3 years blaming the previous regime instead of concentrating on what they should do….HH spent 3/4 of the time on the blame game and may be that is the reason why some people say that he is a bitter man.
2.HH needs to find a simpler way of talking to Zambians….when it was time to score points he was more academic making him sound elitist and everyone could tell from comments scrolling on screen)
3. HH was avoiding to answer straight forward questions…..if one doesn’t answer straightforward what are they scared of?