HH should be crowned as Chief Satanist says Cosmo Mumba

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cosmoLeader of the opposition National Revolution Party Cosmo Mumba has lashed out at UPND president Hakainde Hichilema for allegedly wishing President Sata dead.

Mr Mumba told a news conference in Lusaka that Mr Hichilema has been going round telling people to prepare for a presidential by election because President Sata is ill.

He said the actions by Mr Hichilema and the UPND are satanic and should be condemned.

“We know that Mr Hichilema has been praying that President Sata dies. His behaviour qualifies him to be crowned Chief Satanist. I’m ready to be sued for this, I already have 17 lawyers to defend me,” Mr Mumba said.

He added, “The UPND MPs should not even be allowed close to the President. That visit to State House they are pushing should not be granted because they can bewitch the President when they visit him at State House.”

Mr Mumba said Zambians should ignore politicians such as Mr Hichilema because they are evil and can destroy the county through tribalism.

“We should reject HH and his tribalism. Zambia is One Nation One Zambia. “

And Mr Mumba has announced that his party will support the PF in the Mangango parliamentary by election.

He also appealed to President Sata to consider sacking Labour Minister Fackson Shamenda for allegedly failing to implement the minimum wage.

“This Shamenda man has failed the poor worker. These investors are paying our people meager salaries very bad salaries and Fackson Shamenda is failing to check on these employers for compliance. We are asking the President to either transfer him or sack him from the Ministry of Labour.”