PF wont protect anyone involved in electoral violence regardless of their position-Guy Scott

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scottVice President Guy Scott has said that Patriotic Front (PF) is against electoral violence and will not protect any person regardless of their party position.

In a telephone interview with ZNBC, Dr SCOTT reiterated that people involved in violence should be punished.

He said that no party including the PF stands to benefit from any violent acts hence his call that those involved must be dealt with by the law.

Dr SCOTT also said that allegation by the UPND president HAKAINDE HICHILEMA suggesting that the PF spearheading violence is false.

He also said that the call by the ECZ for the top leadership of all parties taking part in the mangango to condemn violence is timely and should be embraced by all.

And MMD NATIONAL SECRETARY MUHABI LUNGU says there is no justification for the use of violence in the Mangango by suspected cadres.

Mr LUNGU said that the violence should immediately be stopped as it will scare away would voters.

He said that the MMD will not involve itself in violence but offer its message to the electorate.