Zambia is witnessing massive development under PF government says Fred M’membe

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fredPost Newspapers Editor in Chief Fred M’membe says several areas of Zambia are witnessing massive development under the Patriotic Front government.
Mr M’membe said the PF Government has managed to take infrastructural development programmes across the country since taking over in 2011.
He said it is the work of the media to tell the story of the massive developments taking place in several parts of the country.
He cited Mongu in Western Province as one of the districts which has received massive developments under the PF administration.
Mr M’membe was speaking in Lusaka on Friday after he gave a talk at the launch of the Rural Electrification Authority media awards.
“I have not been to Mongu in a long time but I know there is a lot of positive things happening there and it is important that we write about that. So we sent Mwala (Kalaluka) and Joseph Mwenda to try to see if we can manage to tell a story with pictures and written words, will see what happens after we publish the stories. There about eight stories that came from Mongu with a good number of pictures,” Mr M’membe said.
Mr M’membe said Zambian Journalists should always strive to improve their work and drop the tendency of writing stories based on she said or he said style.
“In Mongu, our Reporters talked to the local people who are the recipients of the developments taking place there. They also spoke to contractors working on site.
There are many other ways of doing stories and you will judge for yourself when the stories are published. The idea is to tell the story of what is happening in our country through your own observations with your own words.”
Mr M’membe also condemned what he said is the growing levels of extravagance in Government.
“Why should a government Minister have three latest vehicles? It is always Nissan Patrols, 4×4 vehicles and yet Government Hospitals do not have equipment.”
He added, “When you walk into Government offices, the kind of furniture that greets you and the huge conference rooms with chairs that people don’t even sit there. You also seem big expensive Samsung TV sets which they can’t even operate but equipment in hospitals is obsolete.”