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dr rajanDr. Rajan Mahtani has castigated Bishop Mambo (since he serves as a member of a Board under the Mahtani Group) for his recent comments in the Post concerning Finance Minister Hon. A.B. Chikwanda M.P. Let it be known that Dr Mahtani is a businessman, who is only interested in creating jobs for Zambians, increasing Government revenue and Zambia’s GDP under Biblical principles.

 Dr. Mahtani respects Hon. Alexander Chikwanda M.P. for his ethics, integrity, hard work and honesty.

It has come to  Dr. Mahtani’s  attention that some unscrupulous people with ill- motives have been creating e-mails impersonating him.

The latest evil act by the known people is the creation of  fake e-mails in the name of Dr Mahtani, whose contents are to the effect that Dr Mahtani is involved in the ‘perceived differences’ between Finance Minister Honourable Alexander Chikwanda M.P.,  and his counterpart Justice Minister Honourable  Wynter Kabimba M.P

Dr Mahtani is not involved in politics and does not take political sides within political parties or between political parties. He distastes politics of hatred and finds this to be most UnChristian.

 Dr Mahtani has nothing to do with the fake e-mails that have been circulated or sent to specified individuals. The e-mails are created in Gmail. Dr Mahtani has one e-mail which he has always been using and it is not in Gmail. People who receive such e-mails are advised to check the authenticity of such emails as they are certainly fake and from people who want to drive a rift between Dr Mahtani and Government officials. He has commenced forensic investigations to bring the impersonators to book. He has requested for any information to be passed on to his office or to Mr John Sangwa S.C.,  of Simeza Sangwa & Associates or Mr. Michael Mundashi S.C., of Mulenga Mundashi  to help with the investigations


Further, Dr Mahtani does not need to communicate to any Cabinet Minister using an e-mail. If he wishes to discuss anything with any senior Government official, he would follow protocol and request a formal meeting.


Dr Mahtani is a Christian who does not delight or promote fighting among brethren and it is therefore unthinkable to insinuate that he could be in any way involved in such ‘perceived differences’ among our senior leaders.


Dr. Mahtani’s contention on criticism and false accusations which he has painfully endured is the biblical standard in the book of Nehemiah.


On several occasions this great-hearted statesman was openly criticized, falsely accused, and grossly misunderstood. Each time he kept his cool. . . he rolled with the punch. . . he considered the source. . . he refused to get discouraged. . . he went to God in prayer. . . he kept building the wall (Nehemiah 2:19–20; 4:1–5).