VJ tells Weak Opposition to work hard for 2016 elections

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vernonVeteran politician Vernon Mwaanga says opposition political parties should start positioning themselves for 2016 as time is fast running out.

Mwaanga, who served in various portfolios in the UNIP and MMD government, said the ruling party should also be ready to defend their record when the country goes to the poll.

He said that the remaining two years was likely to pass very quickly.

“Political parties should polish up before the 2016 elections because it is likely that the remaining two years will pass very quickly,” Mwaanga said.

“They need to start preparing in terms of manifestos and candidates and hopefully they will bring on board many young people who will bring new ideas.”

He added: “The opposition should put in place alternatives because every opposition is a possible government in power so they should put across their policies.”

Mwaanga said the ruling party must be able to defend its record.

“I do hope that the PF will defend their record and where they made promises and failed to deliver them like on the constitution and the public order act they should be able to explain to the public,” he said.

Mwaanga said the 2016 elections would be an interesting affair for the Zambian citizenry.