ZNBC says It is Not TRUE that Mahtani has seized its Land

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ZNBCZambia National Broadcasting Corporation has categorically rubbished a story carried by the malicious Zambian Reports online publication which claimed that respected Zambian businessman Rajan Mahtani had seized its land. In a story under the headline “Mahtani Seizes ZNBC Land”, the Zambian Reports which has made a custom out of malicious attacks on the person and the interests of Dr. Rajan Mahtani, falsely claimed that Dr. Mahtani had seized control of a prime plot belonging to the nations’ public broadcaster. After an investigation carried by the Zambian Intelligence News (ZIN), it has been established that like many other malice laden maneuvers perpetrated by the Zambian Reports, this story was also aimed at raising public outrage, and framed to injure Dr. Mahtani’s image among Zambians. While the investigation has established that ZNBC is currently servicing a loan which it borrowed from Finance Bank, a source from the national broadcasters’ legal department firmly stressed that it was utter falsehood to claim that Finance Bank had exercised what the Zambia Reports termed as a pre-emptive call to grab the said plot which was used as collateral for the subsisting loan. The ZNBC source has further argued that even in the event that the said loan contract ended up in circumstances that necessitate forfeiture of the asset used as collateral, it would be grossly malicious for any journalist to point at Dr. Mahtani as the one doing such. The source added that ZNBC does not have any contract were it has contracted with the person of Dr. Mahtani and that it would be helpful for those employed to peddle malice to be alive to such basic information.

The Zambia Reports story further expose the authors taste of sour grapes and malice when it peddles falsehoods regarding status of the ownership of Radisson Blu Hotel and Zambezi Portland Cement and conveniently neglects to tell the readers that the position regarding the two entities is borne out of due court process.