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Nevers-Mumba pMMD President Dr Nevers Sekwila Mumba says he did not enter politics to abandon Church as some critics say, but to take the values of God into politics. Speaking during an interview on the Pan African Radio program “Off The Cuff” on Friday 29th August 2014, Dr Mumba said that he is very happy that matters of morality and integrity are now discussed in Zambian politics, which was not the case before.

“I am very very happy that today, seventeen years later, the Zambian politics now discuss matters of integrity and morality which were never discussed prior to that. I am grateful that our message is being received and people are now checking their conscience in how they handle public affairs”, he said.

Dr Mumba said that although he initially thought that his “Zambia Shall Be Saved” slogan was only meant for spiritual salvation, he now understands that God had a much bigger picture in mind of salvation coming into Zambian politics and governance.

“It’s only now that I see that this involves the salvation and the healing of the entire nation. Meaning that the judicial system of our country is going to have a witness of Christ. The Executive wing of government is going to have a witness of Christ. The Legislature is going to have the witness of God. In other words, I consider myself as a missionary to the political World. The Bible says in Matthew 5 verse 5 ‘You are the light of the world and you are set up on a hill so that all can see.'”