Absurdity, Lies and Hate of the Highest Order??? See How Kambwili and others used Mangango Victory to malign WYNTER KABIMBA

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KAMBWILI manWhile other PF members were taking turns to celebrate the party’s victory in the recent Mangango by-election, ZIN understands that for others it was time to fully consummate their malicious agenda against Wynter Kabimba. Following the PF’s victory in the Mangango election, it has been discovered that Chishimba Kambwili, Jean Kapata, Alexander Chikwanda, among others, approached president Michael Sata with a concoction of lies against Wynter Kabimba. The named ministers are reported to have peddled pure falsehoods and lied to president Sata that Wynter Kabimba and Guy Scott had set out to create their own structures in the course of the by-election in the western province with a view to taking over the party leadership. In the same vein, the named ministers are reported to have told the president that Wynter Kabimba had even opted to work without party finances in preference for his own sources which position has been discovered as a another thread of the many lies told to the president. ZIN further understands that the anti-Wynter Kabimba schemes that followed the Mangango victory were largely a continuation of similar schemes that were used by the group when the former secretary general was appointed to act as republican president during the president visit to Israel. It may be recalled by many Zambians that the likes of Kambwili and his tandem of tribalist schemers went around lying to people that Wynter Kabimba was fraudulently acting as president. After the president’s return, the lies could not be sustained but they still sought for more schemes aimed at completely instigating the removal of Wynter Kabimba from the party’s corridors of power.