Muhabi Censures MMD official who urinated in council chamber

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Muhabi-LunguMovement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) National Secretary Muhabi Lungu has expressed shock and disappointment at the nuisance behavior of MMD Eastern Province youth chairperson Chembe Daka as reported in the media on Saturday 13th September 2014.

Commenting on the matter, Mr. Lungu offered an unreserved apology to the nation in general and to the Chipata District Council in particular, for Mr. Daka’s unbecoming behavior and assured the nation that the Provincial Disciplinary Committee was already handling the matter in accordance with the party’s laid down disciplinary procedures.

Mr. Lungu has reminded all MMD members countrywide to be exemplary in their behavior in line with the Party’s image of orderliness and decency.

On Friday night, Mr Daka stunned the public in Chipata when he woke up from deep sleep and started urinating inside the council chamber, where tallying of votes in the Kasenengwa by-election was in progress.

A drunk Daka had been sleeping throughout the tallying period in the chamber and was only awakened around 01:30 hours by shouts of people celebrating news that MMD’s Victoria Kalima had taken an early lead in the by-election.

In his drunken stupor, Daka staggered to his feet and, after struggling with his zip, emptied his bladder on the carpet in full view of officials from the Electoral Commission of Zambia and other stakeholders.

Most of the monitors in the chamber burst into laughter while some women merely glanced at the shocker as Daka obliviously continued relieving himself.

Amid the shock, Kasenengwa returning officer Noel Sachalwe asked police officers who were maintaining order in the chamber to arrest Daka.

The officers waited for Daka to conclude his business before taking him to Chipata Central Police, where he was detained.