Top Kenya state officials take pay cuts

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President-elect Kenyatta greets his supporters with his running mate Ruto after attending a news conference in NairobiPresident Uhuru Kenyatta, Deputy President William Ruto, cabinet secretaries and their principal secretaries as well as a number of heads of state parastatals have taken salary cuts, Finance Secretary Henry Rotich has said.“I can assure you that both the President and the Deputy President have taken pay cuts. Cabinet secretaries and principal secretaries have also written to me indicating that they have effected the presidential directive,” Rotich told the Star in Nairobi yesterday.

He said time is needed to confirm the amount of money deposited so far to Voluntary Account, opened at the Central Bank.

“We have an account at the Central Bank called Voluntary Salary Contribution account. All government officers are required to deposit their contribution in that account,” Rotich said.

While addressing a press conference in March this year, at the end of the four-day retreat at Mount Kenya Safari Club, President Kenyatta announced that cabinet and principal secretaries would take a 10% pay cut.

“We want to lead by example in dealing with this monster,” Uhuru said. He said the current wage bill is unsustainable and wants all public servants to consider taking reduced salaries and allowances.

The government is currently spending up to Sh400 billion annually in salaries for public servants leaving only Sh200 billion for development. The President currently earns Sh1.7m a month, which will now go down to Sh1,350,000 while the Deputy President gets Sh1.49 million, which will now go down to Sh1.39 million.

Cabinet secretaries currently earn Sh1,120,000 meaning they remit Sh112,000 while principal secretaries contribute Sh91,000 from their Sh910,000 salary.