Mahtani’s lawyers write to Web Hosts over libellous & hired reporters by Zambia Reports and Asks Google Inc. to act on people creating Fake Emails in his name

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jpLawyers representing renowned Zambian business man, Rajan Mahtani have finally acted on the continued malicious attacks peddled by the Zambian Reports website. Mahtani’s lawyers have raised libellous and malicious concerns with the hosts of the website. The lawyers have also responded to a malicious manoeuvre that was recently exposed were some individuals created a fake Gmail address in the name of Dr. Rajan Mahtani. According to information gathered by the Zambian Intelligence News (ZIN), some fake emails which were created by some individuals with a view to tarnishing the image of Rajan Mahtani have been brought to light.
Insiders have told ZIN that through the said fake emails, the criminal elements behind the scheme, took turns at creating false and imaginary email conversations. The imaginary and false emails conversations are purportedly between Mahtani and some named politicians and a number of other public personalities. On critical analysis, ZIN understands that the content of the emails was packaged to give credence to the malicious stories that have been running on some online media alleging Mahtani’s political involvement through some imaginary cartel in the ruling Patriotic Front.
Now, the false stories about the so-called cartel have been unearthed and have led the same desperate and hired elements to concoct more lies through fake emails in an effort to qualify the lies that they have been peddling. This move by desperate and hired elements working close with Zambia Reports through their libellous articles on their website has angered Dr Mahtani, who has constantly reminded everyone to leave him out of politics as he is a businessman whose main preoccupation is contributing to economic development through job creation which he proudly continues to do.
Acting on the exposed fake emails, Simeza Sangwa Associates who are Mahtani’s advocates have asked Google Inc. to act on the said defamatory emails. In a letter addressed to Google Inc. 1600, Amphitheatre, Parkway, Mountain, California, Simeza Sangwa and Associates have contended that the emails which purport to have been exchanged between Dr. Mahtani and various government officials are both highly defamatory and damaging to the person of Dr. Mahtani.
In a letter addressed to Go Daddy, the web host of the Zambia Reports, an online media which is paid by well known individuals to publish libel against the person of Dr. Mahtani and his many business interests. Simeza Sangwa and Associates have told the website hosts of the Zambia Reports that the website has been publishing numerous highly defamatory articles against Mahtani and Finance Bank Zambia Limited which in all cases happen to be simply false and products of malice. The lawyers have further told the hosts of the Zambia Reports website that attempts to commence legal proceedings against the website writers have not yielded results. This is because the Zambia Reports uses fake reporter names on its website as a way of shielding themselves from the consequences of their illegality. The fictitious names used on the site include George Mwenya, Evans Mulenga, Nse Udoh, Andre Musonda and Charles Sakala. In view of the planned proceedings against the malicious Zambia Reports, the lawyers have asked the hosts of the website to reveal the names of the actual owners so as to facilitate the legal action.