Calls for incarcerated Stephen Masumba to relinquish his seat continues to grow

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steveCalls for incarcerated Mufumbwe Member of Parliament Stephen Masumba to relinquish his parliamentary seat have continued with National Restoration Party NAREP Youth General Secretary Bwalya Nondo calling on the former Deputy Minister to do the honorable thing by resigning as MP so as to give the people of Mufumbwe a new MP.

Speaking in an interview, Mr. Nondo observed that it was only fair for Mr. Masumba to give up his seat as he has not been representing the electorate in Mufumbwe since he was convicted earlier in the year.

Mr. Nondo said the former Deputy Minister should give up the seat and allow for a fresh start in the constituency so that people who are honorable than him can takeover.

He said Mr. Masumba’s continued clinging on to the seat even when he is not representing the people of Mufumbwe is selfish and that it is setting a bad precedence in the country’s politics.

He added that it is because of such incidences that his party and other stakeholders have been advocating for a new constitution which will give institutions the power to enforce the law accordingly.

He noted that the country can not afford to have people who are suppose to be law makers breaking the law themselves.

He also advised political parties to scrutinize young people they put in position of influence and ensure that only young people who will not disappoint and are of integrity as well as substance are put in those positions.