It’s just another diet of Tired Lies: It was not Nchito but RB’S APPOINTEE Mchenga who issued the Nolle for Mahtani after all

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letterA package of utter lies with a lining of malice and the constant hurt for one Rajan Mahtani happens to be the most appropriate description of the recent set of lies churned by the Zambia Reports publication. In a recent package  of lies which is undeniably an insult to the intelligence of Zambians, the publication has absurdly claimed that back in 2012,  Director of public prosecutions Mutembo Nchito entered a Nolle in favor of Mahtani. Other threads of lies concocted by the publication include the lies regarding what used to be the shareholding structure for Cladava Mining and the circumstances that led to the exit of Finance Bank Limited from Malawi. As may be noted from the findings of the Zambian Intelligence News (ZIN), there is clearly nothing new about these lies because they have been cooked before.

Let’s start with the first lie in that malice laden story.  The Zambia Reports has claimed that Mahtani used his financial muscle to get Mutembo Nchito to  dodge accountability for illegal conduct by means of an entered Nolle. This is heavily absurd!  while there is spectacular stupidity in this lie, stupidity on the part of the Zambia Reports ought not to be an excuse here. In many respects the bigger problem here is the fact that this publication thinks Zambians have forgotten how the said Nolle came about. There are no secret facts here. The known fact is that contrary to the claim about Mutembo entering a Nolle for Mahtani because of some imaginary deal as claimed by the publication, the truth  that Zambian Reports will not tell Zambians is at the time the Nolle Prosequi was entered into, in December 2011, Nchito was not even DPP. The person responsible for entering the said Nolle is former DPP Chalwe Mchenga who is currently serving as High Court judge. This finding is firmly fortified by the attached copy of the Nolle.

On this finding, it may further interest those who have been made to believe that Mahtani has abused the judiciary under the current government to take notice of the fact that the Nolle was entered by Mchenga who was an appointee of former president Rupiah Banda. It may be safe to speculate that even the former DPP could read in between the malice, hurt and lies that had besieged the person of Dr. Rajan Mahtani. Clearly it was just moral for a sane judge to obliterate the limbs of trumped up charges before they could go far. If those disgruntled chaps at Zambia Reports are as investigative as they want to posture themselves why don’t they tell the readers a known fact that the state prosecutors discontinued this case just before the magistrate was about to issue judgement because they realized that there was ‘no case to answer?  Hate may chock those bitter heads!!!

The second lie is another stupid concoction. This is because  the same characters who schemed to link Mahtani to Cladava Mining Limited have come back to buttress their lies. contrary to these lies, Dr Mahtani was never a shareholder of Cladava Mining Limited. They only linked his name so that they could persecute him. The only other shareholder and Director (besides Kanaganayagam) of Cladava Mining Ltd is Maria De Rosa (maiden name), the wife of Daniele Ventriglia, and not Dr Mahtani. So why was Dr Mahtani dragged in to this matter?  It’s an open fact that the likes of Daniele Ventriglia and Sakwiba Sikota happen to be some  of the people issuing these lies yet they know that it was Daniele’s wife who owned the company in question.

If there is one thing that exposes the hate and malicious campaign again Mahtani, it should be the third lie. Ignoring all the known facts, they have once again recycled their lies around the circumstances that led to Finance Bank’s stoppage of business in Malawi. While it is on record in Malawi that Finance Bank underwent voluntary liquidation and is currently on the verge of recommencing business, their malicious twist in the story is one aimed at painting the color of criminality of Zambia’s success story. But why??? it’s a case of hate, jealously and consolidated malice.

To show that the writers do not even know what they are talking about but just fishing, somewhere in the middle of their lies they change their story  and say ‘this does not necessarily mean that Mahtani is guilty”. Here they seem to impliedly concede their malicious scheme, albeit without knowing it. ’So if he is not guilty?  why the continuous  dirty campaign of character assassination? Are they determined to lose everything upon being sued?  Given the lies exposed above, it is clear that the people spewing articles on Zambia Reports are not journalists but business rivals who are bent on destroying an innocent man in Dr.Mahtani. Is this because Zambezi Portland Cement has a criminal case in addition to a civil case before the High Court of Zambia on embezzlement of $40 million (forty million) by the Ventriglias?