HH is a failure; dislodging PF is almost an impossible dream says UPND

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garry NUnited party for National Development deputy Secretary General Kuchunga Simusamba has revealed through a private conversation that was monitored by ZIN that their dream of forming Govt as a party is slowly becoming unattainable.
”You know fi PF filebomba, and it seems many within the party are slowly observing this. I have been in politics for a long time, am able to see, and the other thing is that ba president(HH) doesn’t seem to understand ama politics, one! he’s very stingy he has completely failed to provide leadership to the party,” said Simusamba.
Additionally, ZIN has through its investigations learnt that the Garry Nkombo story to take over the UPND leadership is very strong within the party ranks except many are scared to come out in the open for fear of the rich man with no money, Mr HH.
Among those that have continued to express apprehension with HH continuing as party president include Cornelius Mweetwa who many will agree that has been an absentee spokesperson of the party, Garry Nkombo himself, Mr Hamududu and many of the party’s MP’s from western Province.
ZIN in the coming few days will offload all the happenings in UPND with evidence which will include recorded conversations and how HH uses Vincent Malambo’s law firm for many dubious cash transactions which he never declares to the party .
Editor’s notes: We are ready to reproduce a copy for the people to hear if Mr Simusamba disputes the report of ever uttering such words at some eating place within Lusaka.
We hold nothing against our brother Mr Simusamba, if anything we agree with him on a lot of things in the recording