The Criminals at Zambia Reports Cook More Lies Against Rajan Mahtani:

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zed reportsAs has been stated before, the Zambian Reports publication has made a custom out of churning defamatory and completely untrue stories against prominent Zambian Business man Rajan Mahtani. At this point, it is not exactly necessary to repeat their motivation for the publication of articles that are injurious to both the international reputation and business interests of Rajan Mahtani. This is because it is now common knowledge that the Zambian Reports is simply a group of cash desperate criminals who are tasked to publish libellous trash with a view to meeting the criminal objectives of their financiers. From the look of things, this criminal gang masquerading as journalists seem to be determined to pounce on any thread that is available out there. They will use anything and make sheer imaginary conjecture so long as it can work to develop any story that harms the reputation of Mahtani. And you wonder, just like that??? Oh yes! they will use anything so long as they think it can work to generate hate against Dr. Mahtani. Anyway their desperation and panic says one thing; which is that they know they ain’t succeeding. Well just the other day, they cooked another ridiculous set of lies. Lying through their ink, they ridiculously linked Mahtani to the ensuing dispute between the Ministry of Labour through Honourable Shamenda and Dangote Industries. This evident rubbish is carried in a story under the headline “Mahtani Backs Shamenda’s Confrontation with Dangote”. What makes this latest lie even more ridiculous is that it is a manifestation of the deficit of lies in their criminal camp. While in the past they have used the twisting of facts approach, this recent story exposes them because they have simply opted to make some deeply wild conjecture with a view to reaching their malicious ends; which is to harm the person of Mahtani. In no uncertain terms this energy and imagination used to create these lies can be better applied elsewhere; and may be productively so.
In the said story they have quoted their criminal minds and claimed that a source told them that “Mahtani has used his influence in the PF government for business advantage……and he is doing it again with the Shamenda-Dangote dispute to prevent a competitor from pushing him out of the market,”. Well for anyone who is able to use their head, even just a little bit of it, they know that this rubbish is just similar to the other lies that these criminals have written and published in past. Here like in the other stories, inference can be drawn that the intention is to make people believe the Mahtani’s business interests ride on the PF shoulders. Notwithstanding prudent governance by this government, it’s good to be serious about things; how old is this government and how old are the businesses that Mahtani owns???. These criminals are die-hard conspirators’ who have determined to assassinate the character of Dr. Mahtani at any cost because they have nothing to lose.
In the final analysis, there is no need to be misled by these criminals veiled under the Zambia Reports because Dangote Industries has taken out an action against the said minister. Now the question stands thus; Is this Zambia Report rubbish a part of their pleadings? Your guess is as good as ours! the facts relating to those proceedings are there for all to see and this is just confirmation of the conspirators’ continued connivance and mischief with impunity and malice. The same story about Dr. Mahtani and his alleged involvement in matters pertaining to Zambezi Portland Cement and the deportation of the Ventriglias appear very subtly in every false and malicious article! Why the conspirators cannot respect the Courts and the laws of the land baffles all readers. These cases appear in the Zambian Courts under the ‘causes’ below and any comment as this stage is construed to be ‘contempt of the Courts’?
1. ZPC vs Antonio Ventriglia & 2 others – 2014/HPC/0237. On the embezzlement of $40 million by the Ventriglias
2. Finsbury Investments Ltd Vs. Antonio & Manueal Ventriglia – 2008/HPC/366 – on the ownership
3. Deportation: 2013/HP/1208 – on the matter concerning the deportations.
Any sensible person will attest to the fact that truth will finally prevail and that no one is above the law!