East MMD gangs up against Dr Nevers Mumba

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Nevers-Mumba pThe MMD leadership in Eastern Province has ganged up against Dr Nevers Mumba led executive committee by calling for an early national convention in 2015 to elect new office bearers who will steer the party to the 2016 general elections.

The party members who included district chairpersons, secretaries, chair-ladies and youth chairpersons including some provincial executive committee unanimous resolved that the early convention was vital in the first quarter of 2015 stating that the current crop of the National Executive Committee (NEC) was lacking vision to bring back the fortunes of the party since 2011 when it lost power.

They stated that the party has lost a number of party members who have joined other political parties.

The leaders further stated that the party had lost a number of parliamentary by-elections including local government since.

They indicated that this due was due to lack of proper leadership by the NEC.

Eastern Province MMD Chairperson Alexander Miti told the journalists after holding a meeting at Pine View Lodge in Chipata on Wednesday that the meeting unanimously resolved that NEC were lacking seriousness in the reorganizing of the former party as evidenced in the loses in the by-elections.

“NEC is not working together as seen that everytime there is a by-election in Eastern Province we see the same people.NEC is not providing the necessary support in order to keep the party (MMD) running as seen in the by-elections loses since 2011 so, people or party members are saying we need a convention in the first quarter of 2015 in order to usher in new party leaders,”Mr Miti said.

He said the demand for the convention by 2015 was a final issue because not holding a convention to elect new party members by next year, the party would not go anywhere in 2016.

He said the members resolved that there was need to elect a vibrant presidential candidate who would face other opponents in the general elections.

He said the party in the province would not allow the instruction of NEC to re-advertise the Petauke Central for the adoption of a new MMD candidate.

The chairperson said Dora Siliya was the sole candidate for MMD in the Petauke Central parliamentary by-election.

He said the party in the province had however accepted the position of NEC to re-advertise and adopt a new candidate in Malambo to replace Anne Yeta Chingaipe.

Mr Miti said the former ruling party in the province would not speak for former republican president Rupiah Banda’s ambition to come back into active politics saying he had every right to speak for himself.

“Let us leave him alone to make his position known because he has every right to speak for himself,” he said.

Mr Miti said Mr Banda being a former, diplomat, cabinet minister, vice president and president deserve respect from people.

But MMD National Secretary Muhabi Lungu said the party would hold a national convention in April 2016.

Mr Lungu said the party was still on the reorganizing stages since losing power in 2011.

“You are saying these people (MMD officials) as if there they were holding the dark corner meeting. The party is currently reorganizing and the conventional shall be held in April 2016 and we only do our convention after five years. We had one in April 2011(2012) so the next convention shall be in 2016,”Mr Lungu said.