Rupiah Banda is better than Nevers Mumba, says Kalima

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VitoriaMMD Kasenengwa member of Parliament (MP) Victoria Kalima has joined calls for former President Rupiah Banda to come back to active politics, adding that he is a better leader than party president Nevers Mumba.

Ms Kalima said she has nothing against Dr Mumba but that if members want Mr Banda to be their leader, they should be given what they want.

She said in an event that Mr Banda, popularly known as RB, contests the presidency at the MMD convention, the former president would go through.

“There is a leadership crisis at the moment and people want to see a president who can take the country forward and they feel that RB can do that,’’ Ms Kalima said.

She said Mr Banda implemented good policies as president and that he has the experience to lead the country.

Ms Kalima said many Zambians are calling on the former president to come back because they have tasted his leadership qualities.

“Other than President Sata, I think RB is a better leader. When you look around, there is no one with good leadership qualities,’’ she said.

Ms Kalima said many Zambians have confidence in RB and that they feel that he must come back into active politics.

She said Mr Banda is popular countrywide compared to other leaders who are just popular in certain parts of the country.