toothless loner General Miyanda now says Sata shouldn’t go for medical check ups

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miyandaBefore the finished General can demand for accountability on how much is spent on a head of State for medical check ups( a routine practice which is normal around the globe especially for Heads of States) we think the General will do himself a favor to also go for a moral check up!
Firstly, may the Pick and Pay window shopper tell us what scores can be attributed to him the time he served as Veep the time he was fully taken care of by the tax payers that he now claims to care about so much.
Secondly, since he is aspiring to be president and they say charity begins at home,would we be wrong to ask the general how much his orphanages have been receiving from well wishers and who has been auditing him? (kindly note, he got these well wishers using his Veep status then)
And lastly, will the General tell the Nation how many Children he has abandoned in petauke Eastern Province including one who was at Chasa secondary School some years back.If the General can abandon his fresh and blood to opt to start an Orphanage to take care of the vulnerable, would one be wrong to conclude that the General is doing it for personal benefits,can it also be the reason why he has maintained his ground dysfunctional but alive on paper Heritage Party just to continue benefiting from donors.
Where is the Morality Ba General??

Concerned Citizen

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  1. Iwe concerned citizen its you who is FINISHED and FOOLISH.If zambia had one honest politician in zambia it should be no other than Gen Miyanda.He is the only one who returned unused allowances from official trips.Others just like Mpombo did, used to forge receipts in order to squander all the change from allowances(imprests).Besides that Gen Miyanda is a very intelligent general/politician.He does not need lawyers,when he has any case.He is able to defend himself in high or supreme court.

    The Binoculars
    October 29, 2014 at 19:37

  2. Finished General indeed

    October 23, 2014 at 14:20