Chanda Chimba , Dickson Jere & Sakwiba Sikota pushing RB to stand on MMD and decide to pour hot soup on Nevers Mumba

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Dickson-JereInformation gathered by ZIN indicate that the trio Editors of Zambia reports Chanda Chimba, Dickson Jere and their ever available alley Sakwiba Sikota are the minds behind the RB come back campaign.
However, they seem to have challenges, firstly Mr Banda has active cases before the courts and Sakwiba using his law qualification is cracking nights just to work around this huddle.
Secondly, Nevers has made it very clear that he is game and has already positioned himself as the presidential candidate in the forthcoming by-election.
Thirdly, Felix Mutati fever within the MMD seem to be gaining momentum, and soon after the burial of President Sata,this will be another issue they will need to deal with.
Furthermore in their quest to satisfy their agenda, the trio have come up with a few desperate moves which as ZIN, we’re glad that the Zambian people has started slowly but fast to see and question the credibility of their website called Zambia reports and this can been seen going by the comments on their story where they now accuse their sworn enemy number one Finance Bank Chairman Dr Rajan Mahtani as the now financier of Nevers Mumba( who in their right mind would believe this nonsense, would Mahtani be so dull to have anything to do with the MMD considering the many atrocities he suffered at the hands of those savages, even if Nevers was not involved).
What is even more shocking is that in every scheme they come with they never fall short to bring in Dr Mahtani, just now they are saying Mahtani had a meeting with the so called cartel were they resolved to fund Nevers Mumba, now anyone who cares to know would verify with the relevant authorities that Dr Mahtani is not even in the country, but still Chanda Chimba in his small mind finds it normal to lie with his colleague Dickson Jere who owns an office in the show grounds which has more alcohol than books.

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