Grave mistakes Edgar Lungu has made so far, hope he corrects them

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SCOT AND EDThe 3 individuals he has entrusted with his Public relations and as his think tank are chaps of questionable character, there’s nothing wrong with being close to them except the responsibility he has given them is too huge and sensitive, they are more interested in their bellies and we all what a belly can do.
The three individuals are Brian Hapunda, Sunday Chanda and Emmanuel Mwamba.
Kindly Note, there’s nothing wrong with being close to these individuals, except handle them with caution, draw lines for them because history has shown that these 3 gentlemen are in the habit of driving too fast in a bumpy road. Just for your own information, Mr Emmanuel Mwamba is the one who first leaked information of the presidents death to Zambia Reports( a website that constantly insulted, demonized the president till his death, besides we all know why the president fired Emmanuel Mwamba in the first place, we equally wonder whether GBM , Sunday Chanda and Emmanuel still have the same relation they initially had).
Secondly, we feel you’ve started showing traits of desperation for the presidency ,this is likely to backfire, don’t interpret the constitution to suit yourself sir ,we find it shocking that as a Lawyer you can give a testimony to the effect that you handled over power to Dr Guy Scott under duress. If you can, tell those Lawyer friends of yours to withdraw that petition from the courts challenging Guy Scott’s acting and how power was handled over to him.
Furthermore, being an interested party yourself we find it unwise that you can be in the forefront campaigning against a convention contrary to the PF’s constitution, your job is to state what the constitution provides as Guy Scott has done and allow your members to debate. Just you being the master campaigner against the convention raises a red Flag.
Thirdly, just as a word of caution, are you sure Alexander Chikwanda,Chishimba Kambwili, GBM aka fat Albert and Given Lubinda are still with you?
And lastly, don’t antagonize with the acting President, it will do you more harm than good more so if you’re adopted as PF’s presidential Candidate. Sata was a master politician and tactician but in the centre and as his political nucleus he maintained Dr Scott.