HH can’t be distanced from tribalism, Nevers is stack,Chipimo only knows English; PF will win

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simataaHere is what he posted:
The last three years I have seen NO Opposition to PF later on an ALTERNATIVE. I sat in wonder about the lost opportunities the PF gave and shuddered to think what it would have been like had HEMCS [MHSRIP] been the Opposition.NOW we are told they ready to take over – when did they Oppose or mature? Nevers gave Us hope when he spoke of rebranding – hope that has fizzled out. MMD is still intact unchanged. HH has failed to distance himself from the ‘tribal perception’ and give a clear ‘plan’. The General has been busy writing or in Court. Others have busy giving very nice speeches.with polished English. So am wondering which ‘young” candidates are people crying for? As things stand today the PF will have only themselves to blame IF they lost the Presidency on account of selfishness, divisive attitudes, and a lack of UNITY. Unless of course others arise….. yeah I have said it feel a release