It seems he didn’t steal enough, his Child is still in exile for stealing:Rupiah Banda confirms his comeback to stand on MMD’s ticket.

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RBBAll genuine MMD supporters should support this decision.Yesterday, 19 out of 23 of our MPs voted that i should be the party’s candidate,’ said Banda.
Meanwhile, former owners of Zambezi Portland cement namely the Ventriglia’s have pledged heavy funding for his campaign.
The Ventriglia’s have maintained constant communication with the Banda family including Henry Banda who is in exile.They are also the major sponsors of Zambia Reports website run by Chanda Chimba and Mr Banda’s former press aid Mr Dickson Jere.
The Ventriglia’s were deported by the Pf government for many reasons including externalization of Billions of Kwacha at the time they were running the cement Plant in Ndola.
A number of ministers under the MMD benefited from the cement plant through free cement which saw the likes of Lawyer Sakwiba Sikota build a big Mansion in Kalungu area in Lusaka.

Banda tenure in office was marred by heavy corruption that saw many of his family members become very rich within a very short space of time