Just Push for your Stupid RB campaign without Defaming innocent people: A word to Dickson Jere and Chanda Chimba at Zambia Reports

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Dickson-JereDickson Jere and Chanda Chimba have no right to defame innocent people all in the name of campaigning for their candidate Rupiah Banda. Through their Zambia Reports Online publication, the duo has continued to publish malicious articles with the sole purpose of injuring innocent citizens. Up to this point, Jere and his colleague, Chanda Chimba at the Zambia Reports have worked very hard to create an impression and make some people believe that there is some so-called Cartel. Because of this imaginary cartel, a lot of people have suffered damage to their reputations. One such person who Dickson Jere and Chimba keep injuring is Rajan Mahtani. They practically accuse him of doing everything there is in this world through very ridiculous allegations. While they have for a long time maliciously accused him of being part of some imaginary cartel aligned to the ruling party, the Zambia Reports recently cooked another lie; this time they claimed that he had now opted to finance Nevers Mumba. For what?? they can’t tell you. For them if Nevers stands in the way of their candidate Rupiah Banda, then he must be supported by Mahtani; and how they come up with such stupid conjecture, it is the devil’s business to know. Now they have made another turn, this time they are saying Mahtani is financing Miles Sampa? Laughable! Isn’t it? These chaps seriously want the world to believe Mahtani is some omni-present financier who is aimlessly spreading money in all directions? This is all rubbish. For Dickson and Chimba, it matters not what they publish for as long as it can work to generate hate for Mahtani, then it is all good. This behavior is just utter rubbish especially that its coming from adults like Dickson and Chimba. These are family men and they need to find something constructive to do with their lives. Dickson Jere knows the truth about all the lies that he has been publishing on the Zambia Reports. He knows that it is totally false that Mahtani is financing this or that either in the MMD or the ruling Patriotic Front. But Dickson will not publish the truth through his Zambia Reports and his interest is the appeasement of Rupiah Banda. Anyway what do you expect from an editorial team that thrives on nothing but criminality and clandestine dealings.