If by any chance HH was to win,how is he going to run government with close to 70% of his MP’s from southern Province

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HHDear Editor,
I wish to state from the onset that am a proud member of the UPND,but my question is;

UPND has 31MPs, MMD37mps,PF82mps.If my president Hakainde was to form Form Government, how is he going to run government and how will the complexion of his cabinet look like considering that out of the 31 MP’s he has, about or close to 20 are from southern Province.

Realistically speaking and i know deep down even Hakainde himself knows, the wise thing to do is to allow PF to finish their term.
What we need to do as a party is to work on having a nationwide appeal, we need to increase the number of our MP’s in other areas if we are to be taken seriously.
Otherwise even in the event that my president was to win,it’s merely an academic exercise we are not going to change anything, my president will spent most of the time begging MP’s from other parties to work with him and before he knows it, it will be 2016.

Zambia forward in 2016

name withheld