Plans to suspend Barrick Gold operations in Solwezi worries FDD

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edithEdithThe opposition Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) says the news that Barrick Gold intends to suspend its operations at Lumwana mine in Solwezi is very depressing.

FDD President Edith Nawakwi says such news has come at a time when Zambians thought that the country is making some positive gains by attracting some giant mining firms such as Barrick Gold.

Ms Nawakwi says she is aware that Barrick Gold has made several attempts to engage in dialogue with government but they have been snubbed because government does not value dialogue and does not care about the plight of the people who will be jobless when the mine shuts down.

Ms Nawakwi has told QFM News in a statement that the attitude of the PF in failing to manage the mining sector and the entire country’s economy lives much to be desired.

She says it is unacceptable that government is failing to negotiate with mining firms on behalf of the people.

She adds that government’s intention when it transferred the mining sector in to private hands was to make the sector viable but not for it to completely detached itself from the sector.

Ms Nawakwi has urged Barrick Gold not shut down the mine but wait until the outcome of the elections.

The FDD Leader has also assured the mining sector that when her party forms government next month, it will be a government with an open door policy to the business community and other stakeholders in the running of the country’s affairs.