Sikota fears that power transfer case may be a mere academic exercise

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man sakRenowned lawyer Sakwiba Sikota has expressed fear that the power transfer case before the courts of law may end up being a mere academic exercise.

Mr. Sikota says this is because the 90 days acting period for Dr Guy Scott is almost coming to an end without the matter being concluded.

In an interview with Qfm News by telephone Mr. Sikota has also noted that this is besides there being the possibility of the enactment of the new constitution.

He has observed that this means that whatever happened when the instruments of power were being transferred to republican Vice president Guy Scott, which he hopes will be made available to the people of Zambia, will only be for data purposes for historians.

And Mr. Sikota who is also United Liberal Party (ULP) president has disclosed he will make his position on which of the presidential candidates he will endorse after his Christmas break.

He says he is of the view that whoever becomes the country’s next president should be a leader who wants to make a difference to lives of the Zambian people in a positive manner.

Mr. Sikota states that the country’s next president should be one who will respect the rule of law and bring healing to country from the acrimony that has been taking place.

He says the country should ensure that it starts on good note after 50 years of independence by having a president that sets the stage and good grounding for the next 50 years.