Mutubila wants wife to leave diplomatic house, Italy

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mutubilaZambia’s Ambassador to Italy Frank Mutubila has filed an injunction seeking to order his estranged wife Evelyn Tembo to leave their matrimonial house and Italy following the revocation of her diplomatic status by Government.

According to papers filed in the Lusaka High Court, Mr Mutubila says his wife’s continued stay in Italy is causing him great embarrassment, mental and emotional anguish.

He said his wife’s diplomatic status was revoked by Government and was recalled to Zambia but that she has since disregarded the directive, refused to leave Italy and the official residence.

“On account of the respondent’s unreasonable behaviour as set out in my initial petition for dissolution of marriage, as amended, I find it intolerable to continue sharing the official embassy residence in Italy with her as this causes me great embarrassment as well as mental and emotional anguish,” Mr Mutubila said.

He said his wife’s continued stay at the official embassy residence in Italy has negatively affected his reputation as well as that of Government, adding that he has urged her to return to Zambia to live in their matrimonial home in Kabulonga.

Mr Mutubila said he is aware that the doctorate programme being pursued by his wife is at research stage and that she can complete that aspect of her studies while in Zambia.

“The respondent’s repeated refusal to vacate the official embassy residence in Italy is baseless and aimed only at tarnishing my reputation while putting my position as ambassador at risk,” he said.