HH is running a Vicious and Malicious Campaign says Bowman Lusambo

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LusamboAs MMD youths, we have not issued any public comments over the ongoing campaigns as we have spent the last few weeks busy in the field campaigning for our candidate and incoming President Dr Nevers Sekwila Mumba.

Our campaigns have taken us far and wide to all the corners of Zambia. We recently returned from North Western and Western Provinces where we discovered a very unfortunate situation.

Our investigations showed that UPND presidential candidate Hakainde Hichilema is engaged in a vicious and malicious series of misleading campaigns where he is telling the people that the MMD is not participating in this election as it is supporting the UPND.

He is going round telling people that MMD is now part of UPND and that Dr Mumba is not standing.

We spent many days and nights in these two provinces and we gathered evidence of these atrocious campaign activities by Mr Hichilema and the UPND team.

As MMD youths, we wish to draw the attention of the nation to these unfortunate and undemocratic tendencies by the UPND and its campaign team.

We denounce these practices and we appeal to well meaning electoral stakeholders and the general public to join us in condemning the UPND over these illegal campaign activities.

We will therefore be writing to the Electoral Commission of Zambia to formally complain over this form of illegal campaigning by the UPND.

Before then, we wish to warn Mr Hichilema and his campaign team to desist from provocative campaign messages. We urge him to conduct himself in a civil and dignified manner.

By poaching some disgruntled MPs from the MMD, Mr Hichilema should not deceive himself that he has managed to weaken the MMD popularity. These MPs he is busy enticing will not deliver any meaningful support to the UPND. Most of them are very unpopular and at best only carries single votes.

The amount of support Dr Mumba is receiving across the country is testament to the fact that the MMD is much stronger on the ground and better organised than any political party contesting this election.

The thunderous welcome Dr Mumba received from committed MMD members and the general public at Mongu airport over the weekend further goes to show that the MMD is still alive and kicking and has very good chances of scooping the January 20 poll.

Well meaning Zambians will find it easier to agree with me that from all the presidential candidates running in this election, Dr Mumba posses the best set of leadership qualities that Zambia urgently needs in State House.

As we draw close to January 20, we wish to reiterate our call for a campaign anchored on issues and policy options that will uplift the living standards of ordinary Zambians.

Issued by: Mr Bowman Lusambo-MMD Die Hard National Youth Coordinator