VJ asks Scott to quickly invite international election observers

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MwaangaThe ruling PF has been called upon to realize that it has the greater responsibility to set high standards of discipline it being the party in government.

Veteran politician Vernon Mwaanga also notes that the PF government has an inescapable duty to protect the citizens of Zambia from violence and intimidation.

In a statement, Dr. Mwaanga states the PF government has to further ensure that perpetrators of violence meet the full force of the law regardless of who or what they are.
Dr. Mwaanga he is thus of the view that the reported dastardly acts of violence committed by suspected PF cadres in Shiwan’gandu constituency on Friday last week against opposition UPND party officials deserve the strongest condemnation.

Dr. Mwaanga says this is because political violence in whatever form and by whoever has no place in Zambia as it only serves to undermine people’s freedoms.

He says the people of Zambia fought very hard for their democratic rights and no amount of violence or intimidation should be allowed to hold them hostage to merchants of thuggery and hooliganism.

The Veteran politician states that given what happened in Shiwan’gandu his wondering what hope should people have that such violence will not be extended to the polling day.

He says in view this escalated level of violence in the country’s towns and villages and the growing mistrust among political parties participating in the January 20th presidential election, Acting President Guy Scott should ensure that international observer groups are invited in Zambia as quickly as possible.

Dr. Mwaanga says international observer groups should not be invited in the country only at the time the people are voting but that is also necessary that they observe the campaigns as well.

He says his other hope is that as the January 20th presidential elections are being held there will be a Parallel Vote Tabulation (PVT) system put in place to prevent possible tempering of votes.

Dr. Mwaanga notes that having such a system in place will also give confidence to the participating parties that whatever results are finally announced will truly reflect the view of the people of Zambia.