Grand Coalition will take Lungu’s word on new constitution

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Fr-ChitiThe Grand Coalition on the Demand for a People Driven Constitution says it looks forward to Patriotic Front President Edgar Lungu living up to his words of enacting a new constitution with or without signing a social contract if he wins the forthcoming Presidential elections.

Coalition Chairperson Leonard Chiti says for now, they will take Mr Lungu’s word and wait, though recent experience has shown that merely promising something ahead of elections does not guarantee the person acting on such a promise.

Fr. Chiti notes that if politicians meant their promises, the PF would have delivered a constitution in 90 days as promised during the campaigns in 2011.

He adds that they are skeptical when politicians make promises without backing them up with morals or actions hence the idea of the social contract.

He says once a candidate signs a social contract it is easy for the people to hold such a candidate accountable.

Fr. Chiti states that they are hopeful that the Zambian people will be given a new constitution which will stand the taste of time by whoever will be elected president.