RB has lost it says Nevers Mumba

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tate nenaniMMD President Nevers Mumba has charged that Rupiah Banda has lost the dignity and respect he once had following his endorsement of PF presidential candidate Edgar Lungu.

Dr Mumba said the former President has disappointed many Zambians by opting to work with the PF, a party he fought hard against.

Dr Mumba was speaking in Lusaka Monday evening during a Newsmakers Forum public discussion organised by the Press Freedom Committee of the Post Newspapers.

“Zambians are asking, we thought you were just saying PF are the devils of the day, so what has changed? So, for me, I cannot speak against him as an elder brother, but I can say this: Zambians including myself do not look at him the way we looked at him the day before yesterday,” Dr Mumba said.

He added, “It is gone and it has been taken away from him and unfortunately it has also taken away from the campaign of Mr Edgar Lungu because nobody in his right mind is going to feel inspired to follow that example.”

The MMD leader observed that Mr Banda’s decision to work with the PF is sad and more than unfortunate.

Dr Mumba stated that grassroot MMD members are the ones that are hurt the most by Mr Banda’s move because they worked and sacrificed hard to make him Vice President and later President when he was incorporated from Chipata.

“I think all Zambians, the least they expected was for my elder brother to say, ok it does not look like am gonna run in this election, I will not run to support Nevers Mumba, but I will just stay away and pray for this political process. But to go and surround yourself with people or group like that? I would have been more tactical myself and be surrounded by people from other provinces, but it now looks like an Eastern Province cartel,” he stated.

Dr Mumba said whatever Mr Banda and Mr Lungu agreed upon must be huge for the former President to give up his legacy.

“Whatever Mr Banda agreed with my brother Edgar Lungu must be huge, it must be huge, for him to sacrifice his legacy, his own dignity and his future and we are investigating, it must be huge and as soon as we put a finger on it, we will reveal.”

He continued, “Eastern province people are being accused of being tribal when they are not. Even today on the front page in a newspaper, I saw Dora Siliya and Muhabi Lungu smiling at each other, to each other and yet I was the one who was putting out the fire between them because they couldn’t even shake hands and now because there is a Nevers Mumba in between, then they can laugh.”

He said, “There is a scripture in the Bible, when two Kings who never even used to greet each other but when the issue of Jesus came up, they became friends because Jesus had to be crucified. People of God, you can see as Zambians, Zambia is not interested in tribalism and what is happening with my elder brother is that he has gone tribal and he must come to the centre and be the father of the nation in one way or another, whether he can redeem himself, I don’t know.

On MMD MPs who have endorsed other presidential candidates, Dr Mumba described such actions as immoral.

“That is a sign that there is immorality in the process but it is good for me because I prayed for a re-branded party. If they didn’t do what they have done, we could not have known what was in the hearts of the people, now we know and now i will take action,” he said.

Dr Mumba said the erring MPs will be dealt with by the Constituency Chairperson while any member of National Executive Committee who endorses another party will be treated as having crossed the floor and joined the other party.

“In politics, politicians must be brave, if you want to cross the floor, leave, that is leadership. Nevers Mumba makes hard decisions everyday and you need to learn to do the same. In other countries, I would have received resignation letters by now,” Dr Mumba noted.

And the MMD President unveiled a ten-point master plan for Zambia’s development which is anchored on education.