Zambia Reports article once again rubbished: Mahtani has absolutely nothing to fear about whosoever becomes President

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rajan-mahtaniIt IS APPARENT  that the editors ( all using nom de plumes) of the Zambian Reports publication have not learnt that their fabrications and  lies have a very short life span and maybe because time is short for them they have accelerated their ‘vendetta’ and ‘character assassinations’ (with impunity and in contempt despite them being libellous.) on behalf of their paymasters. After having gone mute on their concoctions, they seem to have found the need to resurface with another anti-Mahtani sort of vibe. It is yet another thread of lies; now they claim that somehow the outcome of the 20th January Presidential election is giving Mahtani sleepless nights. This is utter rubbish and just another attempt at tarnishing the person of Dr.RajanMahtani.

Generally, when you look at a Country like Zambia, there is basically no cause for anxiety for any business enterprise regardless of the outcome of the election that the Country is having in the next 15 days. Zambia has not only earned itself the reputation of beacon of peace but is strongly referenced as being firm on the rule of law and respect for property and human rights. In many respects, this has worked to position Zambia is one of the best destinations for Foreign direct investment and a fertile ground for indigenous or local enterprises. Any insinuations of trepidation on the part of Mahtani as maliciously alleged by the purported editors of the Zambian reports are just what they are; a package of hate, a vendetta and malice which readers have now become accustomed to. The said Zambia Reports article has made a number of threads laden with lies and some are exposed below:

  1.      The claim that Mahtani will face what they have termed as wrath of the court after Lungu’s victory because the latter has promised to deal with tax evaders is patently malicious, absurd and illogical. This is total fabrication and all ardent followers of current affairs will attest to the fact that neither Mahtani nor indeed any of the companies under his Group have been subject to any charges relating to tax evasion. This therefore means that this is just another of the many lies that have comeout from Zambia Reports and it is of no consequence like every other lie that has come from them.

 2.      The claim that Mahtani has attempted to take a role in supporting HakaindeHichilema’s campaign following Sylvia Masebo’s endorsement of the UPND candidate is a very cryptic lie; only one word would accurately characterize it; nonsense and absolute nonsense. For many readers of online news, it may be recalled that the Zambia Reports have literally accused Mahtani of supporting everybody. In hindsight, a lot of readers are now able to clearly see through their journalistic style of lies. First they claimed Mahtani was supporting Mumba against Banda, and then they changed and claimed he was behind Miles Sampa, later they heard that Dr.Kaseba was interested in the PF presidency and changed the story that Mahtani was behind Kaseba. Now it’s Hakainde Hichilema; Is it political lottery?? Such moves only exist in the minds of the criminals who write libellous stories at Zambia Reports.  The point they won’t tell you is that Mahtani is a Christian businessman and not a politician; perhaps that is the reason why their lies are turning out impossible to tangle.

 3.      The Zambia Report have brought to the fore another old lie about Mahtani having a long established history of confrontation and collusion with various Zambian political leaders. This is nonsense and the purported editor has no way of justifying it.  Further the average Zambian knows that most businesses under the Mahtani Group have been in existence longer than the Patriotic Front party or any other political party in Zambia, therefore, the lie that Mahtani largely owes the existence of his current business empire to his past political alliance with the late President Michael Sata is total nonsense. This can only be a creation of elements who want to embark on the impossible task of making Zambians believe that everything that Mahtani owns was not acquired independent of political influence. Mr. Zambia Reports purported Editor:  are you too sure of achieving your malicious ends even in the light of Mahtani’s highly regarded entrepreneurial prowess??? We doubt it especially since appropriate legal action has been taken against you and all your conspirators! Why do you not respect the Law or are you a Law unto yourself?

 4.      For the lies regarding the concoctions of Finance Bank doing this or that illegally these are all dead issues. Not even the previous administration with the entire state machinery at his disposal was able to completely manipulate things to make the illegal takeover of the bank legitimate. And the small purported editor at Zambia reports is certainly not about to achieve that. In essence what they PF government under the leadership of the late  President Sata came to do was simply act in the public and national interest through reversal of the fraudulent, and politically motived process that unlawfully tried to pass the ownership of the bank to FNB. In hindsight, this has not only restored investor confidence but also served as a Governmental statement that indigenous businesses are worthy of protection from criminal and malicious elements.

5 The claim that Mahtani used (what the Zambia Reports terms) as a friendly government in to dismiss criminal charges against him are discredited. In every instance where they was discontinuance of proceedings against Mahtani was because they were all based on false allegations and politically motivated.  It is clear that due process of the law was followed and any sane system of criminal justice would have done the same.