Edgar advised to Postpone his Planned early Holiday

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Ba ChagwaLubanseshi Independent Member of Parliament Patrick Mucheleka has advised President Edgar Lungu to postpone his plans to go on holiday and focus on addressing pressing national issues.

PF Secretary General Davies Chama last week announced that President Lungu will go on holiday to undisclosed destination shortly after the AU summit which ended on Sunday.

Mr Mucheleka said in an interview that Zambia is currently facing a number of pressing issues which need the intervention of the President.

He said proceeding on holiday immediately after winning the January 20 election would be counterproductive.

Mr Mucheleka suggested that President Lungu should only consider going on holiday after he has appointed a full cabinet.

‘President Lungu does not take governance of this country seriously. This is no time to play. Let him postpone that holiday and only go after the country settles down and he puts in place a full cabinet,’ Mr Mucheleka said.

He added, ‘Already he is putting his former cabinet colleagues whom he has not yet appointed under so much pressure and anxious and they are just fade up except they can’t talk.’

‘Soon after taking office, someone is already taking a holiday. How do you take a holiday soon after getting employed? He needs to first settle down and start to govern.’

Mr Mucheleka said those that are close to President Lungu should advise him on key nation issues on the issue of the constitution.

‘He is already sending wrong signals on the constitution. On one hand he says he wants a new people driven constitution and on the other hand he is already talking about how he is not interested in the 50+1, the running mate and all. How do you conclude the constitution making process when you are already taking holidays?