Nkombo denies story that He wants to take-over UPND Presidency

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NkomboUnited Party for National Development, UPND, official Gary Nkombo has undressed a Southern Province based journalist for exposing leadership cracks in the UPND. The opposition MP has since endorsed four-time losing presidential candidate Hakainde Hichilema for a possible and record fifth loss when the country holds elections in 2016.

Below is a statement by Gary Nkombo

I write in my capacity as Mazabuka Central Member of Parliament to officially express my disappointment on the style of reporting that one Henry Chibulu of the Zambian Star Newspaper has embarked on.

Iam particularly dumbfounded on the current lead story of the above mentioned newspaper Volume 1,Issue 32, headlined “Serious cracks form in UPND as Hichilema loses elections…we want Nkombo to take over the leadership” and authored by Henry Chibulu.

I and the other members of my party have observed that Mr. Chibulu has from the time he lost his job as District Information Officer (DIO) been hell-bent on tarnishing my image and that of the UPND which as seen from the recently held election, is growing from strength to strength and is now being embraced by Zambians of all walks of life.

All what the Zambian Star and to be specific Henry Chibulu is doing is to selfishly and subjectively propagate the dying fortunes of the Patriotic Front with some baseless innuendos aimed at ridiculing my persona and that of the party.

I wonder what kind of journalism Mr. Chibulu /Zambian Star are practicing as some of his (Chibulu’s) bad and typical propagandist stories are making him and his two man newspaper unpopular.

I would therefore like to distance myself from the said story and let the general public know that the story not only lacks facts but is full of the author’s usual hallucinations and should be treated with the contempt it deserves.

We challenge Henry Chibulu, who is so desperate to get a job from President Edgar Lungu, and his civil servant newspaper partner to name the officials that are the main sources of the story.

This will prove that the two gentlemen/Zambian Star are trustworthy and mean well for Mazabuka and the country. People in Mazabuka know Mr. Chibulu; his academic skeletons, basic social frailties and private life.

However, I would not want to be dared to stoop low and start taking on Mr. Chibulu who is now behaving like an uncouth politician. I would like to henceforth warn Mr. Chibulu that he should not continue to hide behind his small and struggling Zambian Star newspaper but come out in the open as a politician so that we can appropriately deal with him.

I appeal to all responsible media houses to continue self-regulating themselves even under the harshest conditions theirs a noble and impartial profession. I Garry Nkombo MP would like to reiterate my continued support and unsolicited loyalty to our great leader Mr Hakainde Hichilema as we rally behind his candidature for the 2016 general election.

Mr Hichilema is our chosen Leader of the United Party For National Development that subsequently qualifies him to represent our great Party as a sole candidate for 2016. No media house/journalist should bow down to some unforeseen pressure and drive personal agendas.

May God bless Henry Chibulu.