Nevers Mumba is here to stay -Bowman Lusambo

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As MMD youths, we find the renewed calls for MMD President Dr Nevers Sekwila Mumba to step aside laughable, callous and plain boring.

The lead story in today’s edition of the Daily Nation (04/05/15) headlined ‘Nevers Mumba should go’ quoting a suspended lower ranking member of the party is not only a sorry attempt at journalism but an empty and futile exercise.

We believe that the Daily Nation could have devoted that space in the newspaper for other developmental stories than covering statements issued by a disgruntled party member by the name of Cheembe Daka whom we know is being paid by enemies of Dr Mumba to issue derogatory statements against the MMD President.

Zambians might want to be reminded that this Daka is the same cantankerous fellow who was captured on the front page of the Post Newspapers urinating in the council chamber sometime last year.

Whoever chooses to work with or indeed listen to statements from such an individual must have their minds checked.

We find these calls laughable because everyone with a brain is able to see that Dr Mumba has presided over the MMD at one of its challenging periods in its history.

We should all be fair and appreciate the circumstances in which Dr Mumba found himself leading the MMD. The party had just suffered a humiliating loss at a general election and a lot of people in the party were confused. It had to take Dr Mumba’s unique leadership style to reorganise the party and make it attractive once more leading to some old and selfish retired politicians opting to attempt to hijack it.

It is public knowledge that PF candidate Edgar Lungu and UPND candidate Hakainde Hichilema both used MMD structures in our strongholds by spreading falsehoods that the MMD was in an alliance with respective parties for the election.

Our appeal is for Kabinga Pande and his team to stop using the name of the party in their desperate activities to remain relevant in politics. As far as we are concerned, Mr Pande and his cohorts remain expelled and are no longer members of the MMD. He was a very divisive figure when he briefly served as Chairman of our party and we are happy to see him go.

The MMD lost power after 20 years of running government. Expecting Dr Mumba to completely turn around the MMD after three years is not only being unrealistic but shows failure to appreciate modern politics.

A clear case is that of the ruling Patriotic Front. It has found itself with a weaker mandate just three years after being in power with its future so uncertain. The amount of tribulations that Dr Mumba has had to face in his short stay at the helm of the MMD cannot be compared to any other politician in the history of this great nation.

If the MMD is dying as some people would want us to believe, why then do they want to cling on to a party that is dying? The expelled MMD MPs who has since rushed to seek shelter from the courts should have just jumped ship and joined either the PF or the UPND if the MMD is unattractive.

We wish to make it clear to all MMD members including those still fighting Dr Mumba that we as youths of the party are ready to defend him and the constitution of the MMD. We will not allow finished and disgruntled politicians with no value to the party to derail Dr Mumba’s plans for the MMD.

We further wish restate our position that Dr Mumba’s mandate runs up to 2017 and we firmly believe that he will renew his mandate beyond 2017 because of the courageous leadership he is providing to the party. He is the most popular politician in the MMD as can be seen by the landslide victory he attained at the last convention.

As National Youth Secretary, i also wish to direct all youth leaders from ward, branch, constituency, district and provincial levels to stop issuing media statements forthwith. These uncontrolled releases of statements to the party are fuelling further tension in the MMD. This has to stop NOW.

Issued by: Mr Bowman Lusambo- MMD National Youth Secretary & Die Hard National Youth Coordinator