Pule advises Lungu to ignore negative criticisms

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DanielChristian Democratic Party President Daniel Pule with supporters

Christian Democratic Party (CDP) President Daniel Pule says he is impressed with the appointments President Edgar Lungu has made so far and has advised him to avoid negative criticisms.

Dr. Pule notes that the path taken by President Lungu is an impressive one saying he deserves to be encouraged.

Dr. Pule says President Lungu needs the full support of the opposition and that he will always be there to give him counsel if he asks for it.

He says he will be readily available to help President Lungu if he asks for any help.

He has also encouraged President Lungu not to waste any time in addressing the high cost of living in the country.

Dr. Pule is hopeful that President Lungu will ensure that the high mealie meal prices are reduced so that people can have decent meals every day.