Enock Kavindele Says MMD should Just Disband

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EK manFORMER MMD president Enock Kavindele has called for the disbandment of the former ruling party saying it has lost its relevance to the governance of the country.

Mr Kavindele said while the opposition was important in any democracy, it was clear that the MMD was not adding any value to the governance issues because of the persistent squabbles.

The former ruling party is currently locked in leadership crisis with its leader Nevers Mumba facing a strong rebellion from party bigwigs who want him out.

The confusion which emerged prior to the last month’s elections has persisted with pro and against Dr Mumba supporters clashing over the weekend at the party secretariat.

“The MMD will not be the first to disband; the ACC (African National Congress) did the same thing and its members joined UNIP after facing similar problems,” Mr Kavindele said in an interview.

“There is no way the biggest opposition party can get just 15,000 votes in a presidential election.

Mr Kavindele also advised Patriotic Front (PF) leader Edgar Lungu not to tolerate any advances by the MMD for a merger because the party would not add any value to the ruling party.

“There is nothing to merge with the PF, they know that the party has lost value and they want to ride on the PF; so let them disband and then members can join the ruling party.

“Surely Frederick Chiluba must be turning in the grave to know what is happening in MMD, the party which was very strong,” he said.

The former vice president also urged Lusaka Central Member of Parliament (MP) Guy Scott to continue supporting the party despite being dropped as republic vice president.

Mr Kavindele noted that it was inevitable for President Lungu to get rid of Dr Scott and others after the confusion that characterised the ruling party after the death of Mr Sata.

“Scott is not the first vice president to be relegated to the bank bench; we had people like Simon Kapwepwe, (Godfrey) Miyanda and myself who were removed and became back benchers,” he said.

“So there is nothing sinister about him being removed and I hope he
will continue supporting the after being removed as vice president,”
he said.

Dr Scott was removed as vice president before President Lungu appointed Nalolo MP Inonge Wina to become the first ever vice president of Zambia.