RB “threatens” M’membe and Kabimba with court action

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Wynter KRupiah Banda’s lawyers have undertaken what many may term as an exercise in futility through threats targeted at Post newspapers editor in chief Fred Mmembe and Rainbow Party President Wynter Kabimba. Acting on behalf of Former President Rupiah Banda the lawyers have issued a 24 Hour ultimatum to the Post Newspapers Editor in Chief Fred M’membe and Rainbow party leader Wynter Kabimba to apologise or risk being sued for what they say is the continued publication of malicious articles against Mr Banda.
In a letter dated February 16 2015 by Mr. Banda’s legal team from Makebi Zulu Advocates, the former President is angered by an article in the Post Newspapers of February 13 2015 titled ‘Lungu Govt is framing Nchito to cover Rupiah’s criminality’ which quoted Mr. Kabimba.
They said the words in the said article in their ordinary meaning meant that Mr Banda is a criminal and in wishing to cover up him criminality has hired Mr. Newton Ng’uni to settle perceived scores against Mr Nchito. However, for many Zambians who know the two people who have been targeted for threats, it is undoubted that Makebi Zulu and his friends are just Impalas who are trying to threaten a set of lions.
The legal team stated that Mr Banda has not been convicted of any criminal charges and have claimed that Banda is in no way involved in Mr Nchito’s private prosecution as propagated by the Post Newspapers.
They said the said article is thus not only contemptuous and prejudicial to Mr Banda’s right to be presumed innocent in relation to the matters before court but also defamatory to Mr Banda.
They said the fact that Mr Banda and Mr Ng’uni are being represented by the same legal team does not basis to demonise Mr Banda.
They have since issued a 24 hour ultimatum to Mr Kabimba and Mr Fred M’membe to retract and apologise or risk facing civil and criminal proceedings.